Monday, September 28, 2009

Good Friends and a relaxing weekend

We went up to Baltimore, MD to Steve and Carrol's house(Nick's aunt and uncle who are very generous for letting us all stay there while they were gone), for a nice relaxing weekend. Derrick and Melinda drove all the way from Boston to meet us for some fun and we get to go visit them Memorial Day weekend in Boston!!

Mel making breakfast.


Some treats I made for the relaxing weekend.
We enjoyed ourselves, lounging in the hot tub, talking, and watching movies and eating yummy food. It was good to see the Call's!!


Kristine and Ryan said...

Looks like a lot of fun. We are super jealous. We miss you and the Calls!

Kimberly Gochnour said...

so glad to see pictures of what you are up to!!!

Amy Sue said...

Tell me you've checked out for the pb frosting recipe (courtesy of Jenni). But she's your sister too, so you probably already have it. :)