Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We made it!!!

We have been so busy with the move that my lack of blogging has clearly been evident. None the less I have no more excuses... so you should think, but some how will try to make some up. We have made it to D.C. and are all moved in. I am jobless, and enjoying it quiet nicely.... I seem to get my beloved afternoon nap everyday, definitely a bad habit, but it makes me happy!! My days are filled with job searching, morning jogs on the Potomac, surfing the net, going to free events the city has to offer, mingling with friends, walking to the store, sewing, reading and so forth.

Just yesterday I saw this little bird on my walk to the store. The little things that make our day!


Kristine and Ryan said...

Sounds like DC is great so far! Glad you guys made it ok. We are sad we didn't get to hang out before you left. Good luck with the job search!

Amy said...

Sounds like you are living the life. I'm telling you forget the job search and get on etsy...not that I am making any money off etsy yet (I guess I should post some product-it might help)...but you just might with your stellar sewing skillz. [that's right w/ a Z]