Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Just Love MILK!!!!

So Yesterday I had to do some errands for work and while I was at the grocery store I saw that some milks were only $1.50, which is amazing. It was on reduced for quick sale because it expires on the 29th (next Monday, still way far away), what a bargain, and then I found one that expired on Oct. 2nd(this one must have been a mistake, but their loss, my gain). So I bought them and put them in the refrigerator at work. I was so happy I even called to tell Nick about it. I go grocery shopping every Monday, so this was great!! But when I got to the grocery store I realized I had forgotten the milks, I was so bummed, because we were out of milk and I needed some for the dinner I was making. So I thought that it wouldn't be worth the gas and time to go back and get it so I decided to just get another gallon while I was at the store (which was only $2 which is such a great deal these days). So now I supposedly have 3 milks, and kind of worried that that would be too much, but no fear, because, we pretty much drank a gallon in one day!!! Just so you know--We started drinking the other milk because it would expire next! I just love milk!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Jack's 2nd Birthday!!!

So I would have posted this yesterday, but after I got all the videos downloaded, and pictures ready, I accidently erased it before I posted it, I was so mad.

Anyway, Jack's birthday was at the beginning of sept. Nick and I, My parents, Jenni, Kimmy, and Karen all attended the festivities! It was a good time. Jack is starting to talk more and is just so cute!!

Opening Presents!!!!

Playing with his truck!!

Yes, we attended the party!!