Sunday, November 15, 2009

Our trip to Boston

For Columbus Day weekend we took a trip up to Boston to visit our friends, Derrick and Melinda. We had such a great time. Before we left to Boston, everyone kept telling us "You'll just love Boston", and it turns out that-- We absolutely loved it!!!

Want some Fried Dough? ......Yes Please!!

The Freedom trail

We stopped by a market and this was classic, so I had to take a picture!!

We went up to Salem to celebrate the Halloween spirit. It was pretty crazy. There were lots of people dressed up.... you might have thought it was Halloween!

Nick got into some trouble while we were there, but luckily he wasn't in it for very long!!

We walked home from church and this was such a pretty view!

Nick at Boston Common Gardens!

We drove up to Walden pond and on our way there, we stopped by the Boston Temple.
The fall colors were so beautiful!

For this trip I had an eye for finding little creatures, this little toad was just on his merry way at the side of the trail.

This is the outline of Henry David Thoreau's house.

We went to a bay the last morning we were there, and I spotted this little guy!

Nick and Derrick having a political conversation, I love their pants!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween 2009 Festivites

Happy Halloween
from Bakery Chef
Natalie Gottwald
This year I made our Halloween costumes... more out of necessity. Nick wanted me to make him an apron, and there was extra fabric left over, so I decided to make me one too!! Then I got the hat pattern off the Internet for free. So i just needed my mad sewing skills and we were ready for Halloween. Thanks to Nick for providing the smock!!

First we celebrated Halloween by going to a birthday/Halloween party for Matt's daughter, who just turned One, so cute!! Us with the teenagers (Ben and Tara Jean).

We carved pumpkins on the 30th with some friends, this is Nick's pumpkin. Turned out to be not so scary, more of a jolly little pumpkin.
I carved mine with the fall theme in mind, and then used it for our Halloween decor, since all of mine is in Utah. We also made pumpkin seeds- turns out I am not a big fan.

The Bakery chef slaved over these pumpkin cupcakes, they were delicious!!!

Then to finish off the evening we had a few friends over for dinner in a pumpkin!!! I make this recipe every year, but i think i will tweak the recipe more to my liking. We ended playing the card game Pit, and I only won once, so it was a little disappointing. Then we opened our Veranda and watched a million people walking to Georgetown, all decked out!! It was a very memorable Halloween.
Love, the Chef Gottwalds