Monday, September 28, 2009

Philadelphia Excursion

We were able to go visit Philadelphia and Valley Forge through the Washington Seminar program. It was pretty fun except for all the RAIN!!!! We stayed the night at a place called the Freedoms Foundation, they fed us well!!

They even welcomed us with this sign!! I thought it was cool!!

This was our tour guide for Valley Forge. It was pouring and guess who forgot their umbrella... yep, but fortunately Trent and Sara were able to be kind enough to let us borrow one of theirs. The guy in the blue umbrella was hilarious, the wind was just blowing his umbrella all over the place.

Look to the left of this picture there are like 5 people under one umbrella. Hilarious!! Let's just say by the end of the tour, we were miserable.
This is a picture of the buildings the soldiers stayed in, he said like a billion people fit in there and tons of people died because of all the uncleanliness.

On the bus with no rain, but still wet.

This is George Washington. I think this was the highlight of the trip for me. He talked to us as if he was actually him for about an hour, then he dropped the act and told us who he really was. When he dropped his accent and voice, it was so weird to hear him talk normal. He was an awesome impersonator.

George on his horse.

This was a highlight for Nick-Ping Pong. He wanted to play like all the time. They had a pretty cool game room at the place we stayed, ping pong, wii, pool, and lots of other games. Around the world ping pong was pretty fun too.

The home George Washington stayed while at Valley Forge.

Independence Hall in the background.

The Liberty Bell
This is the room where they signed the Declaration of Independence.

We had some free time in Philadelphia, so we looked around for a bakery, because i was in dire need for a cookie, on our way we saw this building, I thought it was funny!!!

Nick, the birds, and the bird lady (pictured on the right), she was serious about the birds and got mad if you interrupted her and them.

Then on our way home we stopped at this pizza place for dinner, it was so good!!!

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Amy Sue said...

Wow! Looks like a fun trip--when you weren't wet.

Very cute couple (byw).