Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Pregnancy in Photos

So I think I am finally up to date on my blog, and now can blog about this little guy when he arrives.... hopefully today because I have been in labor all night!!!

Well here is my pregnancy in Photos!! Hope to welcome this little bundle of boy today!!!

So one Sunday morning I was walking to church and totally tripped on the pavement and landed on my belly, so here I am in the OB emergency room, checking on the little guy. Turns out he was just happy as a clam, but had to make sure, just in case, right!

I was sleeping in this photo when Nick snapped the pic.

40 Weeks and ready!


Alisha Jane said...

You are the cutest little pregnant person ever! ALL baby! Good luck and hopefully the little man makes his appearance soon! Post lots of pics!

Matt Adsero said...

You look so fab in your 40 week pic. I am dying to meet luke. I'll give you a call later this week and see if you're up for visitors. Love you! Congrats!!!

Matt Adsero said...

Whoops... this is Charlotte. Not Matt for the record.