Thursday, October 22, 2009

4 G's

For General Conference we went to beautiful West Virginia for the weekend. It was so much fun thanks to Mandie for taking care of all the details and for Melanie for doing all the food!!! We really owe them a lot, because they did all of the work!! We Love them!!
General Conference +the Gochnours + the Gottwalds+ the Gochnours= 4G's

Nick and little Jack petting a neighbor dog!

We went on a short bike ride in between sessions of Conference, too bad the bikes were kinda rusty, because I was really looking forward to it.

Nick striking a pose!

I love this picture, I look hilarious! We found some vines on a hike that we went on and decided to be Tarzan and Jane!!

Nick with his walking stick, Jonathan and John Jacob leading the pack!

It was a super steep hill, I felt bad for little Jack because he kept on falling, but he was a trooper!

My cute little niece Makaya!!

Handsome Nick

My color- Yellow-but sadly I broke the mallet:(

The game of croquet, I think it might be Nick's favorite game!
We had so much fun, catching up with John Jacob and Melanie and to see Jonathan, Mandie, and Makaya again!!!


Robnz Fam said...

That picture is totally awesome on the top of your blog. So we were at the fball game this past Saturday and Emi ran down to the bottom of the bleachers and was climbing over the bars to get on the field (she really wanted to play some fball) I ran down to get her and on my way up the stairs I heard my name being called. I looked up and it was John Jacob! AND Joe Preston!! I was so surprised to see them. Then you have a post about John Jacob and your fun outings! What a fun trip for you guys!

Amy Sue said...

That picture of you is hilarious--you look like you kind of need to find a latrine and fast.

Tell us about that picture at the top of your blog...

Kimberly Gochnour said...

Looks like alot of fun!