Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wear Green or Else...

So I arrived at work this morning and 2 anxious little boys were awaiting my arrival only to be disappointed in the fact that I was covered in green.

Every year I rather enjoy this holiday. I get to bust out my green shoes, belt, jacket, and my- Made in Ireland T-shirt! But unfortunately we have to say good-bye to the T-shirt. I love it but realized that it has had a good 4 St. Patrick's days and it is time to retire it. The reason is that back in the day they didn't make long T-shirts and now it is just too short in the midrif if you know what I mean. So we had a good 4 years to say the least. I was thinking rather than sending it off to my DI stack, I was thinking it could be one of my sewing projects. I am not sure what will become of it, but I will have to wait until something comes up.

To Celebrate this holiday Nick and I decided to go to the park and play frisbee with his awesome blue aerodisk he received from a dashing young lady!!(o.k. so it was me) It was such a beautiful day we couldn't resist. Then we rode off on our little moped into the sunset, it was beautiful!!! To finish the night off we ate a holiday dinner..sort of. This...

Delicious festive omlets that Nick made, and some steamed cabbage(which is surprisingly good!)(Big Thanks to my awesome rice cooker that steams vegetables too.)

Happy St. Patrick's to ALL!