Sunday, February 22, 2009

25 Random Facts about Me!!

I, too, like many others, was tagged on facebook, but since I don't go on facebook very much I would like to post it on my blog. Also people have been hinting that I need to update my blog so here it goes.....

25 Random Facts about me

1. I absolutely love to bake!! Making sweets is my specialty.
2. I like to make things for our house... I have made our couch, pillows, curtains, blankets etc.
3. I like to do jigsaw puzzles, I get one every year for Christmas.
4. I love to garden.
5. I love to take showers, I sometimes take 2 a day.
6. I hate washing the dishes, but i have a husband who actually likes to wash them. I don't mind putting them away and drying them.
7. I have broken my nose.
8. I am a true Aggie.
9. I hate seafood.
10. I love to take naps
11. I love my sweet husband
12. I hate confrontation of any kind.
13. I love playing soccer.
14. I have discovered my new favorite candy (Charleston Chews mini)
15. I am a college graduate, but I am a nanny
16. I am moving to Washington D.C. this fall for my husband's internship, and I never thought I would live there.
17. I hate politics, yet I married a man who loves them.
18. I am a fix-it person, I love to fix things.
19. I go to 2 work-out classes a week, absolutely hate them, but yet I go every week.
20. We keep our house @ 58 degrees in the winter to save on our gas bill, so if you want to come over bring your coat, or we have lots of warm blankets. Sometimes my toes go numb.
21. I am a people watcher.
22. I love tulips and can't wait for sring to come.
23. I love to shop at NPS
24. I love getting a good deal
25. I love rice pudding, not just any rice pudding though!


Alisha said...

LOVE NPS! We go there every time we are in the area!
I also love to watch people too! :)
58 degrees?!?!? I will make sure to bring my snow suit!

Amy said...

love you. Such a fun read. It's great to see your random facts. You should come to Texas, I just planted tulips and daffodils--and they're in bloom.

miss you. say hi to Nick.

cherylloughmiller said...

Love the random things! Hey, how are you?
Speaking of rice pudding, can I get your recipe for rice pudding that you brought to Thanksgiving? Oh, and the fudge recipe? Oh, and the pie recipe?
Thanks a ton! Maybe I will send your wedding present in return! Just kidding! I will send your wedding present someday, hopefully

Kimberly Gochnour said...

You like to bake? What when did this happen? This girl bakes so much she blew up her oven. hehehe love ya!