Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lake Fun!!!

We just love enjoying a hot summer's day in nice cool water. We were able to make it up to Bear Lake for Gochnour camp, and then Paige ( my siter-in-law) invited us to go with her family to Lake Powell!! These trips ended up being highlights of our summer!!

This is us at Bear Lake (one of my favorite lakes there is, it is beautiful)!! We enjoyed playing in the sun and then went to camp and played Gochnour Trivia which is a new tradition, and it is loads of fun, reminiscing and all!!
This is Nick and little baby Grayson our nephew, by-the-way, he loves Nick, and I think I am a little jealous!
This is us by lone rock, I know kinda a silly picture, but I didn't take hardly any pictures, so the very last minute we had this one taken. The weather was beautiful, until we were taking down camp and a sand storm blew in, and since nick has contacts and didn't want to get sand in them, he is wearing stylish goggles!! I love him!!! Lake Powell was full of wake boarding,(personally my favorite part), boats, wave runners (nick's favorite) cooling off in the lake, Paige's daisy floaties, and we learned a lot of new card games, volleyball, swimming to like a 3 foot rock and then jumping off of it, 4-wheelers, hot days and nights, playing maffia till the wee hours of the morning!! Good times!!!


Emilyjo said...

Sounds like fun! I love Bear Lake. I'm glad you guys got to enjoy a some more Summer before it's over!

Daisy Paige said...

Yay! I should take a lesson from you and update my blog with Powell pics.

PS - Why didn't any of us think to get pics of us with you? I don't think I took one picture of anyone but Grayson. Phooey.