Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So today we went to Lagoon with our friends Chris and Lindsey, and it was a blast! We have been planning it for like a month. We all got work off and Nick and I spent the night in Ogden, where they live, and had an eventful evening, going swimming and playing the wii. Then today we went to Lagoon and by the way- we just love the Rocket!!!

Highlights of the trip: Did you know there is a Firehouse pizzeria in Centerville, well there is and now we don't have to drive up to logan, or plan to be in logan during lunch or dinner!!! Also I got stung by a bee!! Crazy huh, there were bees all over, and one stung me on the neck/shoulder. Nick pulled the stinger out and it still hurts as I am writing this! One thing that makes me happy though is- now that pesky bee is dead because it decided he was too mad to live!! :) I feel he deserved to die! Nick and Chris went on the catapult, I got to be in the front on the colossus, we all got to exerience the stomach turning samuri! Overall the trip was a good time with good company!!!

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Emilyjo said...

How fun! I love Lagoon and all the rides! What a blast. Andy and I wanted to go on the catapult last time we were there but it was to pricey-maybe next time!