Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our D.C. Adventures!!! Part 1

We ventured around the nation's capitol and this is what we found....

President Obama's motorcade-- we know you're in there!!!

We walked to Roosevelt's Island one Sunday afternoon!
The view from the Washington Monument
Inside the monument, we look great I know!!! It poured and poured and poured that day!

Nick at the Capitol overlooking the mall.
Vietnam war memorial
Nick and I at the Air and Space museum, can you tell which one is us?

The botanical gardens

The Lincoln memorial- the first attraction we saw in D.C.
We loved you D.C.!!!! We hope to go back soon!!!


Amy Sue said...

Did you take the picture that's at the very top in your title bar? It's awesome, if you did...and if you didn't. :)

Natalie Gottwald said...

Yes I sure did!!!

John and Melanie said...

Hey you two! I am so glad you had a good time in DC. Ask Nick if he was able to get those LSAT study books from Joe. I hope everything worked out! Talk to you soon.