Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Update

My pumpkin!!!!

Vicki and Jack

These were a few of my trick-or-treating visitors on halloween. What a cute little dragon Jack makes(not to be confused with a dinosaur--he is a dragon!!) So cute!

After trick-or-treating visitors came and went we went over to our friends Jeremy and Jen's party, It was awesome, they had rock band and delicious food!! Afterwards, we were able to go to Red Mango(my first time), which is quite tasty!!!!

Happy be-lated Halloween!!


Amy said...

Love the star-spangled pumpkin!

Love the witch and dragon duo!

Love the smores!

Love you!

Charlotte and Matt said...

LOVE your costume! very creative! miss you! oh, did i tell you that i met your cousin, John? Curly blonde hair. Very nice!