Monday, September 22, 2008

Jack's 2nd Birthday!!!

So I would have posted this yesterday, but after I got all the videos downloaded, and pictures ready, I accidently erased it before I posted it, I was so mad.

Anyway, Jack's birthday was at the beginning of sept. Nick and I, My parents, Jenni, Kimmy, and Karen all attended the festivities! It was a good time. Jack is starting to talk more and is just so cute!!

Opening Presents!!!!

Playing with his truck!!

Yes, we attended the party!!


Mandie said...

I'm so glad you posted pictures of the big makes me feel like I was there, well almost!

Jonathan said...

I don't what it is but every time I see a post that I want to comment on Mandie has beat me to it and said what I would said.

Stueller said...

He is getting so big! Crazy. I am glad I found your blog!